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February 2017



Is Hollywood just jealous?

Tonight is Oscar Night. Nobody knows anything about the candidates for best picture, but everybody is 100% sure there will be plenty of bashing of the 45th President of the United States. Sorry ABC, I’ll take a pass on this crapfest. But I will stay loyal, watching reruns of “The Untouchables” (a hit on that network from 1959 to 1963) stored on the DVR.

Winners of individual Oscars won’t be noticed. As Piers Morgan points out in London’s Daily Mail, the only actor or actress who will remembered is The Biggest Trump Basher. As he put it:

“This is the big one for all those hysterical Hollywood liberal snowflakes who’ve been frothing at the mouth since Donald Trump became president. They’ve got live TV, a billion or more people watching around the world, and a room full of 3,500 largely like-minded souls all waiting to roar on every Trump-bashing speech from the podium.”

Mr. Morgan, who sounds more reasonable these days that he did when he hosted the 9 p.m. hour on CNN and bashed the Second Amendment nightly, thinks Hollywood jumped the shark on hatred because President Trump is more famous than anybody in showbiz. Indeed, probably more famous than all of those Tinseltown twits combined. He goes on:

“The New York Times drew this conclusion after reporting evidence from data firm mediaQuant, which counts all mentions of a particular brand or personality in just about every outlet from mainstream media to blogs and Twitter, and then estimates what those mentions would cost if someone were to pay for them. In January, Trump broke mediaQuant’s records, receiving $817 million in coverage.

“This was more than the next 1,000 of the world’s best-known figures – including Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Vladimir Putin and Tom Brady – COMBINED. (Their total came to $721 million.)

“Given the fact there are now [more] people on the planet than ever before, and most of us now have access to the Internet and social media, the Times declared that Donald Trump is now the most famous and talked-about person in history.

“So when Hollywood, the most fame-hungry, egotistical place on Planet Earth, rises to denounce him on Sunday night, just bear in mind that their fury might not be entirely unconnected to this one simple fact. Trump, until recently a mere reality TV host, is now getting all their A-list celebrity oxygen and the only way La La Land can get a piece of the action is to attack him.”

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