I have run across a perfect explanation of why the media’s ceaseless attacks against President-elect Trump have never stuck and in fact may have elected him. It is by Ben Stein, a great American, from a column in The American Spectator:

“The [New York Times] does not call the tune any longer. Voters get their news from a jillion sources on the Internet. The Times is a voice and a big voice. But there are a billion other voices now. And about half of the nation just does not believe Big Media any longer. They don’t buy the vicious lie that white people are all racists. They know that the Black Caucus and Black Lives Matter are real racists. They know Joe Sixpack isn’t and anyway, they don’t care.

“They’re sick of being pushed around. They elected a tough guy who won’t be pushed around. He’s a shtarker and he cannot be broken in spirit by the thugs and bullies of the media.

“The left will beat and beat and huff and puff. But it’s a different world now. Again … The people who elected Trump don’t remotely believe he’s a racist and they’re sick of hearing it anyway.

“This Trump guy. He’s not a sensitive soul like Nixon. He knows how pitifully jealous the media people are. He owes them nothing. He sneers at them. He’s moving them out of the White House. It’s brilliant. He’s making real the truth of now. The media are not good guys by and large. They’re jealous snobs. They are not running the show any longer. One tweet from Trump blows their 5,000-word stories to bits. This battle over Trump’s legitimacy is done. In Trump’s mind and in his legions’ minds, he’s legitimate and the media isn’t. He knows how the world works. It really is a reality TV show now.”

From the context, the meaning of the Yiddish word “shtarker” is apparent. A great Jewish scholar defined a shtarker as “a strong-minded person willing to wield power.” This is why I am tuning out the cabinet confirmation hearings. Unless there is a major surprise, all of the president-elect’s picks will be confirmed, rendering the Democrats’ bleating immaterial. Screw you, Fauxcahontas.