As I have noted before, lotteries are a cruel tax on the stupid. That said, 44 states sponsor one, figuring it’s best way to make poor people pay their share of taxes. One of the older and more successful state lotteries is in Pennsylvania, where an interesting case has come to light.

A woman named Towanda A. Shields faces 53 criminal charges, including harassment, stalking and terroristic threats. Police told The Washington Post that Ms. Shields’ threats started as a “nuisance” and escalated into a “relentless” stream of hostile and threatening statements to Pennsylvania Lottery officials in Lower Swatara Township.

Here’s the money quote, from a police detective: “Most people know when they play the lottery, they’re not going to win. She seemed like she had a sense of entitlement – that she was supposed to win the lottery.”

Ms. Shields, 47 and a resident of Philadelphia, apparently is a fan of scratch-off tickets, where the odds are as poor as you’ll find anywhere in the world of gambling. She used burner phones to call the lottery office, thinking police couldn’t trace them. When a detective called her back, trying to de-escalate the situation, she told him she was exercising her right of free speech.

On Halloween, she allegedly told lottery employees that “somebody’s going to die.” Another time she said she had hired “her boys” to kill them. Police said they had no choice but to take the threats seriously. Now her picture is all over the TV news in Philly; she’ll be ratted out soon.

But consider this: To the best of my knowledge, no charges have been filed against any of the leftist loons who threatened all 20 Electoral College members from Pennsylvania. Despite ridiculous harassment and death threats, all cast their votes for Donald Trump, though they were not legally bound to. Give credit to the state police for escorting them to the voting ceremony in Harrisburg.

At least some of the well-documented death threats to Trump electors across the country should have been followed up on by police and prosecutors. None were, proving that some terroristic threats are more equal than others. A crazy lady threatening state lottery officials will get jail time. A loony college professor threatening electors is admired by the media as an “activist.”

There should have been prosecutions for the worst Electoral College threats, and everybody knows it.