[Since this appeared Jan. 12, an election has been held and Mr. Cernovich’s profile has been raised considerably by his courageous reporting.]

At his Danger & Play blog, author Mike Cernovich examined what scares mainstream media outlets more than a collapsing marketplace. They’ve lost control of the narrative on social media.

In this evolving world of news, every orange cat can be his own media outlet. Quoting Mr. Cernovich: “Readers became writers. Readers began setting the agenda.”

His prime examples are the rise of Donald Trump as a politician and the migrant crisis in Europe, two stories the media would like to go away. (I know Mr. Trump is the subject of almost every GOP political story, but 90% of mentions are negative.)

Again, Mr. Cernovich: “Journalists have long known migrants rove in rape gangs. They have had the power to keep this information from the public for years. Social media has taken away the media’s power.”

Of course, the media elites won’t take this lying down. Like cornered rats, they will fight back at every turn — up to, and including, outright censorship of ideas they consider bad. (Their definition of bad means every single thought that might be considered conservative, libertarian or questioning of establishment politicians.)

Think this can’t happen? It already has at Facebook, run by the loathsome Mark Zuckerberg. I see Twitter as more in play, but Mr. Cernovich apparently disagrees: “If [CEO] Jack Dorsey has his way, the mainstream media will regain its power as gatekeepers of information. … The brutal beatings of women will be swept under the rug. Presidential elections will involve two sides of the same globalist coin.”

Mr. Cernovich’s book “Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions to Live Life on Your Terms” is available at Amazon.com. I don’t follow him on Twitter, an oversight that will be corrected today.