There’s an election tomorrow. Here are some final thoughts before I take a break to see what the voters decided. That is, if they are allowed to decide. Here goes …

When FBI Director James Comey re-opened his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the Clinton camp attacked him personally. It was a swing and a miss. The FBI responded by casually releasing via Twitter its file on Vince Foster, the deputy White House counsel found dead in a park in 1993. Previous investigations concluded he committed suicide; the FBI report showed he couldn’t have. Conspiracy theorists have long suggested he had dirt on the Clintons from the Arkansas days and was murdered. Another conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact.

In an odd turn of events, Comey came back Sunday and said the review did not change the agency’s stance. Now both political parties are mad at him.

As events have shown, extended periods of early voting are not good for the republic. The limit should be the Sunday before the Tuesday election. The idea of church congregations taking a post-sermon trip to the polls is pleasant.

Whether network reporters and analysts like it or not, unfair treatment of Donald Trump will bring election night reporting of results into question. It seems likely that projections and bogus exit polling could be used to prematurely “call” a state as being in the Clinton column. Democracy is founded not on the casting of votes, but on the proper counting. Don’t believe anything; make them count the friggin’ votes.

The media’s long-repeated claim that voting fraud cases are few and far between has been shattered by stories from coast to coast. Also consider Virginia, where Governor Terry McAuliffe (a/k/a Terry the Bagman, a noted Clinton associate) ordered a million provisional ballots printed in a state where 30,000 should be sufficient. Come to think of it, I can already make the call that the Old Dominion’s 13 electoral votes will go to Clinton. The fix is in.

America’s second civil war, a non-shooting version, will begin Wednesday morning, when lawyers file suits challenging the results from the night before. The first casualty will be the stock market; pray that events don’t escalate.

Clinton fangirls love to talk about her being the first female president. They don’t want to hear that the FBI likely has enough on her that she just might also join another short list, the other members being Andrew Johnson and her sleazy husband. Perhaps this time the Senate will vote to convict.

Were some women groped by Trump back in the day? The only thing I know is that any possible real cases have been drowned out by stuff that was obviously made up. Of course, women instinctively flee from flirtatious billionaires, don’t they?

All I heard about in 2008 is that packed rallies and yard signs were a good omen for Barack Obama’s candidacy. All I hear this time is that they don’t matter.

Read the Wikileaks e-mails carefully if you want to see the disgusting way in which the country is governed. Then remember that you voted to permit it. Maybe.