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November 2016


A Jacksonian character

One of the finest American traditions, ex-presidents going away and shutting up about the actions of his successor, is about to be violated again. The actions of Barack Obama promise to far eclipse those of Jimmy Carter, noted international pest.

Instead of riding into the sunset, Obama wants to further divide the country from his mansion in the Kalorama section of Washington, down the street from the White House. Recently he told his political group, Organizing for America, that he is “fired up” about leading resistance to President-elect Donald Trump. The Washington Examiner reports:

“Obama had apparently been preparing for a much quieter retirement from the White House, but [Hillary Clinton’s] loss changed those plans, he said. Not only is Obama grappling with a Democratic party that lacks a new leader, but a Trump presidency coupled with GOP control of Congress virtually guarantees an effort to undo his signature achievements, including Obamacare, immigration regulations and a slew of environmental rules.”

Of course, the Obama-loving mainstream media will eat this up. Bitter anti-Trumpers calling themselves reporters will prattle on about the president having a right to protect his “legacy” while he tries to drum up support for his wife Michelle (a/k/a Mooch) making a White House run in 2020. Those alleged reporters will parrot the Democrat party line until the day their shows are canceled.

Run-of-the-mill milquetoast Republicans won’t push back, afraid that The New York Times will say nasty things about them. As for what Trump might say or do, there’s no telling.

Nicholas Gallagher of The American Interest website notes that Trump probably is the most Jacksonian character to enter the White House since Andrew Jackson, who beat incumbent John Quincy Adams in the re-match election of 1828. (Old Hickory won a plurality of Electoral College votes in 1824, but when the election went to the House of Representatives as stipulated by the 12th Amendment, the lawmakers chose Adams.)

This orange cat wonders what would have happened had Adams told the press he was “fired up” about leaving office and leading opposition to Jackson. There was a shorter path between anti-American actions and justice in those days.


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