Now, a shameless plug for a human I adore, Angela K. Durden, a prolific author who found time to start a software company,, which helps creators track paperwork so they don’t get screwed on royalties.

Angela has a book out about the Indie music business, as well as a novel about a serial killer getting his just desserts. But this plug is for what I consider her masterwork: “Twinkle, a memoir.”

It’s a tough read. But it is an uplifting story about how Angela put things behind her (you won’t believe how many) to become the amazing woman she is today. The hardest parts to read are the ones about how she sacrificed herself (you can guess how) starting at an early age so that her siblings might avoid abuse, how her survival instincts were honed, and her ongoing search for God’s love.

If you ever meet Angela, you will marvel at her many talents. She not only writes books in a variety of genres, she designs them, covers and all.

If you’re thinking of writing a book (or anything else), contact Angela through her website, There are links there if you’d like to buy her books.

As for “Twinkle,” you’ve have already guessed my review: Two (non-opposable) thumbs up.