[Enjoying a long weekend. This originally ran Jan. 8.]

Scanning the world for weirdness … and today (as happens many days) it comes from Great Britain. A lady in London, Sasha Jordan, is owned by seven cats, who have tricked her into setting up a Facebook page for them, a page she spends hours a day updating.

From a story you would only find in the Daily Mail: “Sasha said that her schedule to update fans is so demanding that she sometimes feels like she is managing a boy band, and two of the cats have even become modeling stars.” The page, which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Mag7Cats/, has almost 1.4 million “likes.” Some days it picks up more than 10,000.

Sasha posts pictures and status updates. Fans ask questions of her and of the individual cats she bills as The Magnificent 7. She answers for them personally.

I hate to come off as jealous, but the only thing these posers have to do is POSE. Unlike this humble orange cat, they don’t have to think deep thoughts about crumbling media business models, or research civil liberties issues, or delve into history nobody cares about.

The Magnificent 7 are cute, and now they are famous because of Sasha’s diligent work. May they live long, prosperous lives nine times over. BTW, you won’t find me on Facebook, because I hate Mark Zuckerberg. Screw him and the censorship-loving horse he rode in on.