Government agencies long ago declared war on tobacco companies, then turned their attention to individual smokers, banning them from an increasing amount of places. But what about e-cigarettes? Research from Great Britain has shown that “vaping” is 5% as damaging as real smoking, perhaps less, with no secondhand risk.

If you thought the zealots would hail this significant development in public health, you don’t understand them. Kyle Smith of the New York Post does:

“The likelihood that vaping is almost completely safe causes rage among progressives and the regulatory state they largely control. They pretend to care about saving lives, when in fact their primary concern is punishing their enemies. Progressives hate tobacco companies and they hate tobacco smokers. By extension, progressives resent and despite life-improving technology if it appears to reward their avowed enemies. There is, for instance, abundant evidence that fracking is less risky than other forms of fossil fuel extraction for longtime use, and yet few words cause foam to appear on the … progressive mouth as quickly as the word fracking.” (The war on fracking included trying to suppress legitimate research, which I wrote about here.)

Mr. Smith cites the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for meddling misleading information, empowering local governments to take “extreme, hysterical and often ludicrous steps to stamp out vaping, massively overstating the harm it does, speculating wildly on unproven potential risks from trace amounts of chemicals involved and banning vaping indoors … and even in outdoor public spaces such as parks.”

An unbelievable amount of the public swallows everything “health experts” dish up. Reuters did a survey last year that found only 35% of people know vaping is healthier than smoking. Another example of people losing the will to think for themselves.