Contrary to rumors, Delaware exists. It borders the Atlantic Ocean but not the Chesapeake Bay. If you catch a good day on Interstate 95, it might only take 20 minutes or so to traverse the northern part, for which you must pay a $4 toll. It is known as The First State, because its legislature was the first to ratify the Constitution and get the paperwork in.

Delaware’s most famous export is Joe Biden. Since chicken farms, an obscure NASCAR track and beach tourism don’t cover all the bills, it survives by picking the pockets of fellow states. The trail leads to 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington. From the Guardian of London:

“This squat, yellow brick office just north of Wilmington’s rundown downtown is the registered address of more than 285,000 companies. That’s more than any other known address in the world. … Officially, 1209 North Orange is home to Apple, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart and dozens of other companies in the Fortune 500 list of America’s biggest companies. Being registered in Delaware lets companies take advantage of strict corporate secrecy laws, business-friendly courts and the ‘Delaware loophole,’ which can allow companies to legally shift earnings from other states to Delaware, where they are not taxed on non-physical incomes generated outside the state. The loophole is said to have cost other states more than $9 billion in lost taxes over the past decade …”

Delaware, population 935,000, is home to more than a million companies. Within days after leaving the State Department, Hillary Clinton set up a Delaware corporation to collect speaking fees, then went out to call offshore tax havens “a perversion.” According to a federal filing, Donald Trump controls 515 companies; 378 are registered in Delaware. Proving they don’t call it a rogue state for nothing.