It’s time for This Week in Political Correctness magazine. Straight to our top story …

Proving again that Hollywood has run out of ideas, Columbia Pictures is bringing out a new version of “Ghostbusters” with a twist — the ghosts will be chased by women (Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones). Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray will participate; the other original ghostbuster, Harold Ramis, passed away in 2014. Presumably the ghosts will be captured in a humorous fashion; I suppose they could take a look at McCarthy or Jones and be scared back into their primordial ooze. Release date is July 15.

Brietbart Tech editor and Twitter star Milo Yiannopoulos (@nero) is making liberals’ heads explode on campus. Speaking at The American University, he also took on wimpy mainstream conservatives: “They’ve been terrified of the left’s bogus allegations of racism, they’ve been terrified of the left’s bogus allegations of sexism, they’ve been terrified by the left’s hoaxes.” He infuriated protesters by pledging $20 to the Donald Trump campaign and $50 to his college charity for straight white males for every interruption. Did we mention Milo is gay?

Bill Nye the Washed-Up Science Guy has suggested that climate change deniers be jailed. Now his bowtie has been tweaked by John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, who wrote in USA Today: “When all the scare talk is pushed aside, it is the science that should be the basis for the debate. And the hard cold truth is that the basic theory has failed. Many notable scientists reject man-made global warming fears. … I share the deepest commitment to protecting our planet. … However, I desperately want to get politics out of the climate debate. The Paris climate agreement is all about empowering the U.N. and has nothing to do with the climate.”