[Taking the day off. This originally ran Oct. 27.]

Lots of words are written about the “moral rot” of the country. We’re not here to debate, only to point out one area as an example – college campuses.

A fellow blogger who calls himself Professor Doom writes thought-provoking essays about things going to hell in the Halls of Ivy.

His take on academic cheating: “Every semester I get an expanded list of cheating methods to watch out for, assuming I was foolish enough to catch cheaters. I’ve seen many faculty destroyed for catching cheaters.”

In other words, “We pretend to teach, they pretend to learn.”

He goes on:

“Just this semester, a friend’s child just started at a state (flagship) university; her first day there she was given access to a ‘secret’ database of questions/answers for the tests of her classes. We all pretend our schools of higher education are doing a good job, but … I really think some legitimate scrutiny is in order.”

Good one, Professor. We know the only things scrutinized are those that hurt the football team.

He also talks about taking out student loans for majors like hotel management.

“Even though one could learn everything useful about hotel management quickly, colleges somehow manage to take 4 years to teach what many immigrants figure out how to do within months of coming to this country.”

Yep, in four years they are summoning money from home, buying franchises, letting the properties go to seed and ruining the names of budget chains. (Don’t want to call names; start with one that has a numeral as part of its brand.)

The Prof is worth a bookmark. Check him out at http://www.professorconfess.blogspot.com