America’s top gun salesman was at work again in March, as sales broke records. In between rounds of golf, this Obama guy says a few words and people rush to buy. From The Washington Free Beacon:

“The FBI performed 2,523,265 firearms-related background checks between March 1 and March 31, according to the agency’s records. That’s a new record for the month. It’s nearly 35,000 more checks than the previous record set in March 2014. … FBI background checks are widely considered a reliable gauge for gun sales because all sales conducted through federally licensed firearms dealers must include one. Some states also require private sales between non-dealers to include a background check. However, many sales do not.”

It’s impossible to calculate an exact sales figure because multiple firearms can be sold on the same background check. Also, some states require an FBI background check before a concealed-carry permit is issued.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, indicated he expects no letup in the welcome trend of Americans arming themselves to discourage bad guys. “These ongoing new monthly records reflect the concerns … about crime, terrorism, economic turmoil and the political class gun prohibition attempts to disarm them. They are voting with their checkbooks and buying more firearms and ammunition. People have a real fear about where we are headed.”

All this is bad news to politicians who plot 24/7 trying to strip citizens of constitutional rights. Surrounded by armed bodyguards, Hillary Clinton sucks up to gun control types and has come out in favor of Australian-style confiscation. Michael Bloomberg funds groups that lobby state legislatures for tighter laws, mostly unsuccessfully.

The anti-gun zealots are as persistent as Wile E. Coyote and get about the same results. Maybe they should stop reciting stale talking points from Acme Products.