Justin Keller is the founder of Commando.io, which provides a Web tool for managing servers. He’s a hipster living in San Francisco. But he lost street cred with his tech bros when he published the wrong thing on his blog.

It was an open letter to the S.F. mayor and police chief. Here’s how it started:

“I am writing today, to voice my concern and outrage over the increasing homeless and drug problem that the city is faced with. I’ve been living in S.F. for over three years, and without a doubt it is the worst it has ever been. Every day, on my way to, and from work, I see people sprawled across the sidewalk, tent cities, human feces, and the faces of addiction. The city is becoming a shanty town. … Worst of all, it is unsafe.”

Mr. Keller went on to recount incidents he has witnessed in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district, where the red carpet is always out for the homeless.

More from the letter: “I know people are frustrated about gentrification happening in the city, but the reality is, we live in a free market society. The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city. They went out, got an education, work hard, and earned it. I shouldn’t have to worry about being accosted. I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day.”

Of course, this drew the ire the liberal Internet jackal packs. Show them a panhandler and they chant “heartless conservative meanies” — then cross the street quicker than anyone. An idea for Mr. Keller: If you don’t want to smell piss, move your company to a God-fearing midsize city in the Sun Belt.