According to reporters, covering the Donald Trump campaign is practically like combat duty.

A tweet from NBC’s Katy Tur: “Trump trashes press. Crowd jeers. Guy by press ‘pen’ looks at us & screams ‘you’re a bitch!’ Other gentleman gives cameras the double bird.”

She followed up: “Just another Sunday.”

Intoned Callum Borchers of The Washington Post: “Numbness might be the real danger here. … [Trump] has created an environment in which it is difficult and uncomfortable to do critical journalism, which – love it or hate it – is an important piece of our democracy. Even Trump’s most passionate followers should want to know whether he’s really the conservative crusader for American greatness that they hope he is. There’s always the possibility that someone in the crowd will take things too far – like, physically – and people will get hurt. It’s all too easy to imagine.”

More from Mr. Borchers: “For now, Trump is generally considered a unicorn – a candidate who gets away with things no one else could. But what if he isn’t? What if he’s a preview of a political future in which facts and respect don’t matter, a future in which voters have nothing but scorn for the journalists trying to help them make informed decisions?”

Mr. Borchers’ previous writings have exposed him as one of the dimmer bulbs in Washington media, but I will attempt to be of service.

Nobody is going to assault the cute and adorable Katy Tur. I am 99% sure Mr. Trump is not a unicorn, but we’d have to look under that comb-over to be sure. As for journalists helping with informed decisions, that’s a laugh. The subtle liberal media biases of 25 years ago have become a 24/7 crusade; people have noticed. Propagandists reap what they sow.