Political theater is not what it seems. Voters cast ballots, poll workers count them and then, instead of reporting the news and perhaps interpreting it, media outlets spin the results to support a favored candidate.

The country has regressed to the early 1800s, when newspapers were started to support a political party, not to provide information. (Substitute cable channel or website for “newspaper.” Only an idiot would start or even work for a newspaper now.)

The latest example is the New Hampshire primary. We’ll skip the Republicans because the story is simple: Trump won impressively and 100% of the media ignored that, concentrating on how his rivals did or didn’t meet expectations.

The Democratic side is nuanced. Hillary took a 22-point shellacking from Bernie Sanders; such matters must be handled delicately. From The New York Times:

“Clinton advisers gritted their teeth … as they dissected exit polls and other data to try to fathom the depth of Mrs. Clinton’s political vulnerabilities. One troubling sign: Mr. Sanders was the choice, nearly unanimously, among voters who said it was most important to have a candidate who is ‘honest and trustworthy.’ ”

Translation: Millennials distrust lying crones. But keep in mind that the Democratic convention will be infested with strange animals called “superdelegates.” They can vote how they choose, ignoring the wishes of their state. Most love Hillary.

While calling himself a socialist, Bernie doesn’t know what the term means. The final word from LewRockwell.com: “[He’s] not even a democratic one, since he does not advocate state ownership of the means of production. He is an unapologetic Keynesian redistributionist and state expander, no different in substance from FDR, LBJ, Nixon, George W. Bush, Obama, and the rest of that evil crew. He’s as American as apple pie.”