Proudly marching in the never-ending parade of nanny-statists, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued its wish list for 2016.

That list includes lowering the legal limit for what it considered drunken driving from 0.08% to 0.05% of blood alcohol. That’s maybe two drinks for an average guy, perhaps only one for a small woman.

“When it comes to alcohol use, we know that impairment begins before a person’s BAC reaches 0.08 percent, the current legal limit in the United States,” according to the NTSB, as quoted by The Washington Free Beacon. “In fact, by the time it reaches that level, the risk of a fatal crash has more than doubled. That is why states should lower BAC levels to 0.05 – or even lower.”

But there is no science presented, just the opinion of bureaucrats who listen to one-trick hypocrites like MADD.

The NTSB admitted that “the amount consumed and crash risk is not well understood.”

This crackpot idea may go nowhere, but if the federal government gets behind it, states could be blackmailed into complying when threatened with the loss of highway funds. That’s how Washington shoved seatbelt legislation through.

Where do the cops stand? They will be with the NTSB, confident that anyone in their ranks will be given a pass.

Counties and cities will drool over the prospect of criminalizing more of their citizens, especially the generally law-abiding. More revenue to be raised, you understand. Expect more roadblocks outside popular restaurants that serve alcohol.

To the NTSB: Take this crap and shove it up your ass. Go back to investigating small plane crashes, derailments and those fly-by-night bus lines.

To Congress: Here’s another rogue agency that needs a budget haircut, like the EPA.