Many teams think they can win the Super Bowl. Same with presidential politics. The system will produce a single president (hopefully). But what happens to those left behind?

Being a plugged-in orange cat, I can relay the buzz from hotel cocktail lounges in Iowa and New Hampshire. Disregard that it comes from pundits who are always wrong, but never in doubt.

The Democratic side is easy – Hillary (grave), Bernie Sanders (two more years as a Senate fossil) and Martin O’Malley (footnote in Maryland history books).

Republicans have more possibilities …

Donald Trump … He could enjoy life as a billionaire and run his real estate empire. Or he could raise his profile and own of an NFL team, assuring his name would come up on sports talk radio every 10 minutes in perpetuity.

Jeb Bush … Rumor has it his first option will be counseling hyperactive slugs. If that falls through, he will go back to the family business, giving vapid speeches and shaking hands.

John Kasich … No matter the outcome, Ohio’s governor has a bright future in Democratic party politics.

Marco Rubio … Univision has given him a standing offer to become chief commentator, with the option of freelancing on the English side saying something different.

Chris Christie … The governor has 2017 to oversee more downgrades of New Jersey’s debt, but after that he and former CNN-er Candy Crowley want a political show. Working title: “Eat the Press.”