Walter Winchell reporting from the hereafter:

Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America from border and border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea. Let’s go to press …

Flash: While President B.O. blubbers like a Boehner over gun control, America has moved on … to POWERBALL. Saturday night’s jackpot will be about $800 million to a single winner, the biggest annuitized prize in the history in the history of U.S. lotteries. If you want cash your upfront, it’s $496 million. And don’t forget that Uncle Sam will get his cut. There hasn’t been a Powerball winner in two months, and if the jackpot rolls over again it will be about a billion bucks next Wednesday. Back in a flash after this.

News from the world of tee-vee: Hack writer Ed Sullivan died about the time I did, but he’s still on every night, not just Sundays. There’s an infomercial pushing clips from his old TV show. … Ed was a wooden host who talked to a mouse. How is that classic? … Anyway, don’t want to sound bitter, Ed. Always knew you’d be around as long as somebody else had talent. Back after this.

Racing the red hand on the clock now: There’s been a lot of talk regarding the First and Second amendments, two passages in the Constitution that help make America great. Remember, Europeans are guaranteed no such rights, and look what’s happening there. When I hear the term “hate speech,” it occurs to me that while I might hate what you’re saying, I always want you to be free to say it.

Out of time. This is your New York correspondent, Walter Winchell, who knows that all the lights on Broadway are never as bright as the candle in the window when you come home.