Harry Reid has never played by the Senate’s ethics rules. As might be expected, he doesn’t want to play by them in retirement either.

Sen. Reid, perhaps the most vile and despicable partisan ever to darken the Capitol, isn’t running for re-election, so there will be a new minority leader. At issue is about $600,000 in campaign and political action committee money.

Federal Election Commission guidelines call for such funds to be donated to charity or to the national party. He is demanding that the FEC make an exception, and he has the chairwoman (a Democrat, natch) on his side.

Ann Ravel told The Washington Examiner that letting “Dingy Harry” (as Rush calls him) have his way is an “appropriate mechanism for a person who will continue to be doing a public service as a historic figure in our country, to achieve purposes than are important to the American public.”

(Clean up that furball while it’s fresh on the rug. If it dries it will be harder to get up.)

Lee Goodman, a Republican on the FEC, said if an exception is made for Reid, everybody will want one. “There is no end to it. Every member of Congress will always be a former member of Congress …”

Meanwhile, the commission has deferred action.

There are indications that Sen. Reid will try to influence public discourse after his retirement, presumably on the Las Vegas Strip by ranting about the Koch brothers to porn slappers and Elvis imitators.

Sen. Reid is 76. We wish him a long and healthy life so that he might see the error in the positions he has taken. As well as karma, he should also avoid left-handed exercise equipment wearing brass knuckles.