This just in from New York … Comrade Bill de Blasio’s socialist paradise has devolved into another circle of hell.

Headline in the New York Post: “City subways are a pervert’s paradise.”

Numbers back that up. Complaints about gropers, flashers and voyeurs were up about 20% last year. Arrests were also up, because riders are whipping out their cellphones and taking videos. (Will a website spring up to buy them and put them online?)

Subway straphanger Ashley Ezparda of Queens told the Post: “I think everyone has a subway horror story. [I saw] some homeless guy masturbating on the R train this past summer. I wanted to throw up.”

Another passenger, Jodi Galan, said the perverts “grow up entitled and think nothing will happen to them.”

If these things happened on a college campus, some women would cower in their dorms. Good thing New Yorkers aren’t easily microaggressed.

Things are marginally better at LaGuaradia Airport, a bleak scene even in the best of times.

Again from the Post: “The number of derelicts living at the airport has increased dramatically in the past year, turning the main terminal into the city’s most popular de facto flophouse, where they sleep, eat and wash up while competing for space with passengers, according to Port Authority sources.”

Some of the homeless leave during the day to haunt soup kitchens and museums. Others just kill time, minds nourished by CNN’s airport channel. (NOT!)

“You can’t even use the bathroom,” said a woman who works near the food court. “They take showers. They hang their clothes on the stalls. They are butt-naked. They think they are in their house.”

A spokesman for the mayor said it’s a Port Authority problem. He’s busy rolling out an $8 million program to help immigrants.

Voters gave de Blasio a 78% landslide. With it, they assured the Big Apple’s future will stink. Literally.