About once an hour, somewhere, President Obama brings up the idea of closing the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He recently told French news outlet iTELE: “Guantanamo continues to serve as a recruitment tool for jihadists; it is something we need to stop. I will make this argument until my very last day as president.”

The working assumption is that a Gitmo equivalent could be built on U.S. soil. (Would moving the thing make the jihadists like us more? The answer is no, but follow along with the media narrative here.)

Such a super-prison would cost at least $350 million, probably far more. No Democrat would never again hold elected office within a 300-mile radius.

Gitmo, which once housed 779 terrorism detainees, is down to 107, according to the Russia Today news agency. Almost half of those 107 have been cleared to move to whatever country might take them in.

I submit that the remainder might be housed at the Hay-Adams hotel (“Where nothing is overlooked but the White House”), or perhaps the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Let the president and Congress set a good example of hospitality.

You say you want an island? Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will go for sprucing up Alcatraz.

Of course, this orange cat’s ideas will be ignored. The issue will get lip service now and then, with nothing resolved.

But if the Pentagon does find a prospective location for a super-prison, the locals’ reaction will be the same as it was when a proposal was floated to try 9/11 plotters in Manhattan: Fuggedaboutit.