Angela K. Durden, friend of Mouser’s View and talented author/songwriter, recently posted a song and video in which she voiced opinions.

She posted it with this warning:



Do not watch the following video if you get easily or self-righteously offended. This includes atheists, as God is mentioned.

Please be advised, by clicking on the link below, you are agreeing you will give up all rights to bring suit in court as the highly visible and clearly written “Wuss Warning” above will have been ignored by you. And that your case will have no basis anywhere in the U.S., the world called Earth, and anywhere in the universe whether now known or to be discovered. And furthermore, that the case you bring will be deemed frivolous and you agree to pay all attorney and court costs for Angela K. Durden in any frivolous action you may proceed with.


If you continue further down this page and you click the video link, Angela K. Durden, her heirs, and any and all companies she is associated with and any and all entities she may be associated with are hereby declared to be held harmless because you will have voluntarily chosen to watch the video. Here is the last Wuss Warning:


If you decide to watch this video, Angela K. Durden certainly hopes you enjoy it. That being said, this is her opinion and she does not claim to represent any group or entity, and any group or entity that claims her as their own does so solely at their discretion and peril.

OK, Angela, we get it. I’m not a scaredy cat, so I watched at