Today we again put aside the general rule that orange cats shouldn’t be political pundits to bring you breaking news …

A group of rich Hollywood limousine liberals want to take down Donald Trump!

(OK, we know they will have to wait their turn.)

This time it’s Norman Lear, who produced TV shows that don’t hold up well in reruns, and his People for the American Way, which has “decided to devote a major effort to the issue of hate speech and anti-Muslim rhetoric,” he told a dinner Saturday night.

Another quote, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve never seen our country so confused, so removed from anything resembling an American dream, heading in a direction that scares the hell out of me. Trust me, in 93 years, one sees a lot.”

Others piled on, including liberal favorite Elizabeth Warren, the junior senator from Massachusetts. She said Mr. Trump is taking the GOP “from the party of the rich and powerful to the party of fear and hatred.”

I’ll let you decide whether that’s an insult or not.

Mr. Lear first made his mark in television with “All in the Family,” which debuted in 1971 to poor ratings. The show shot to #1 after TV critics fawned over Carroll O’Connor, who played the intolerant and bigoted Archie Bunker.

The smash hit “Sanford and Son” followed. Then came “Maude” and many others including “One Day at a Time” and spinoffs like “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons.” (I’m going to be mean and also mention “Who’s the Boss?”)

Mr. Lear’s sitcoms were known for taking on contemporary political and social issues from the liberal point of view. But things change.

Think of it this way: Archie Bunker was right. Meathead should get a job.