Chase Peterson-Withorn is on the staff of Forbes magazine. Chase Peterson-Withorn is a member of the wealth team, which means he follows the meanderings of billionaires and such.

He probably got the gig on his name alone. I mean, if you were running Forbes, which reeks of old money, would you put anybody named Ecklebob Chiselfritz or something like that on your wealth team?

But I digress.

One of the billionaires Chase Peterson-Withorn covers is real estate developer Jeff Greene, who has a message for peeps with cushy jobs: You’re probably doomed.

Mr. Greene: “What globalization did to blue-collar jobs and the working class economy over the past 30 or 40 years, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics will do to the white-collar economy – at a much, much faster pace.”

Examples abound, everything from automated fast-food restaurants to robo-advisers managing money. The story mentions a Harvard Business School study that claims 40 million Americans soon will have job skills with zero economic value (i.e. your profession’s equivalent of an orange cat writing a blog).

Mr. Greene caught flak at the World Economic Forum last January when he was quoted as saying Americans need to adjust their expectations and live a “smaller, better existence.” It was a full-blown snark attack, with critics pointing out he traveled to Davos, Switzerland, on a private jet with wife, children and nanny in tow.

Later, Mr. Greene claimed to have been “completely misquoted,” believable considering the sorry state of journalism.

(Media criticism is not meant to include Chase Peterson-Withorn, former president of the Ohio University Students for Liberty, and today we salute him for having a job a robot can’t do … yet.)