The latest member of the Billionaire Dipsh**s Club to take a shot at Donald Trump is Mike Fernandez, a Cuban immigrant from Florida who has wasted more money than anybody else promoting the failed candidacy of Jeb Bush.

Mr. Fernandez’s effort includes plans for full-page newspaper ads in Miami, Las Vegas and Des Moines. (When is the last time you did anything with a full-page newspaper rant except turn the page? At least they don’t cost much.)

From the ad: “Look at Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy and Peron in Argentina. When people lose hope, they are susceptible to those who offer to think for them. Today, in our midst, one ‘popular’ man stands first in the polls. The more divisive and outrageous he is, the more he appeals to some people. I worry as I witness whipped-up crowds emboldening and encouraging forked-tongue hatefulness.”

Mr. Fernandez also told Politico that “a segment of the electorate” thinks of “Trump as a god, when in fact he is worse than the devil himself.”

Many reporters and other observers are setting aside material for a book about this presidential campaign. I doubt this 10-watt takedown attempt will rate a mention.

Mr. Fernandez, who arrived on U.S. shores at age 12, got wealthy in a field where the government picks winners and losers. Notes Tim Ryan at the outstanding blog

“Seems this billionaire makes his money by investing in health care companies whose revenue is 100% dependent on Medicare and Medicaid. It’s no wonder he would rather support Hillary than any outsider.”

A parting shot from Mr. Fernandez in Politico: “This is what I believe in. … These aren’t the last bullets I’ll shoot.”

A poor choice of words. Where’s the Secret Service?