[Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. As I nibble on Fancy Feast Turkey Shredded Fare, enjoy this rerun from August.]

You’ve probably already noticed that Mouser doesn’t accept comments, although he appreciates readers. And that I have such a big ego I occasionally speak of myself in the third person.

We cats have been around humans for a long time. We are the most popular pet in the world. We rule the U.S. maybe 100 million strong. Spinsters who have driven off any man who might have coveted them have been known to be jointly owned by dozens of us. We’ve very social. Except when we aren’t. Then you can’t find us.

The earliest feline research determined that we first adopted humans in ancient Egypt, where we were worshipped as gods. Later research has indicated that the cat-human bond goes back far longer, perhaps to the Neolithic Period, maybe 9,500 years ago.

That god thing in Egypt explains a goodly portion of the ‘tude.

Cats are the video stars of the Internet, but few of us blog. With my nap schedule, I have no time to moderate comments. The chronically offended bore me worse than CNN. Also, blogs wind up attracting spam, as well as trolls who slobber over Democratic dogs and Republican gerbils.

Those are just the excuses. Now I’ll tell you the real reason no comments are accepted.

No cat ever gave a damn what any human thinks.