Many bosses at large enterprises, particularly in the newspaper industry, have always talked a good game about valuing employees, blah, blah, when it was apparent day-to-day the attitude was more like seething contempt.

But have there been subtle shifts in the attitudes of bosses everywhere? (“Hey, we were opinion-makers!”)

Never were, never will be.

Blogger Michael O’Brien at HRE Daily speculates that the “gig economy” might be an influencer. In other words, to hold down salaries and dodge regulation, more companies are making do with temps, freelancers, contract workers, etc.

O’Brien notes a prestigious survey found that just 13% of employers in the world invest in furthering their employees’ growth and advancing their career paths.

He writes: “Perhaps it’s no wonder that companies are devoting less time to training programs when they only expect to use such workers for short-term projects.”

The New York Times quotes advocate Sara Horowitz, founder and head of the Freelancers Union: “Today, it’s unclear who has the skills necessary to remain relevant amid all the disruptions.”

Translation: Job security is for orange cats who blog. For those working at a big company, remember that loyalty is a one-way street.