Of the scandals and outrages our government overlords foist on us, the issue of health care for military veterans stands out. Perhaps it is the biggest broken promise of all.

Serve your country and we’ll take care of you, recruiters say. (BTW, did see any lone wolf terrorists in the parking lot? We are unarmed sitting ducks, you know.)

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has elevated the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs to a major campaign issue. Mainstream media outlets are eager to ignore that, knowing it makes the establishment candidates they prefer look bad.

But there is no hiding this ugliness. The VA’s inspector general recently reported that more than 300,000 veterans may have died while waiting on treatment. That makes for a staggering number of heartbreaking individual stories, and Jessie Jane Duff has heard many. She was on the organizing committee at Concerned Veterans of America.

Jessie Jane was an active duty Marine for 20 years, retiring as a gunnery sergeant, and appears on TV regularly as a military analyst, most prominently on Fox News. (Disclosure: She also follows Mouser on Twitter.)

Judging from what she told Purple Heart magazine, it will take superhuman efforts to clean up this festering carbuncle.

“We’re talking about egregious mismanagement, a culture of corruption that was allowing all these executives to give the impression that they had 14 days of waiting time (for patients), not months and months of waiting time, so they could get bonuses.”

In the same interview, she said: “Now I realize it was all deliberate and it was all in the name of an almighty dollar.”

In addition to her TV work, Jessie Jane is a prolific writer of op-ed pieces. Be sure to bookmark her website, www.jessiejaneduff.com