You are doing a disservice to your kid if you let him/her watch Homer Simpson.

Not because Homer is a dim bulb. Because he’s fat.


Science is on my side, doubters (but remember it could get overturned next year).

Researchers at the University of Colorado showed cartoon characters to children 6 to 14. Some saw characters drawn at normal weight. Others saw overweight characters. Depictions were discussed. Then, yay, candy and cookies came out.

The kids who saw the fat character ate almost twice as many sweets as the ones who saw the thin character or no character at all.

“The fact that just the exposure to apparently overweight characters leads kids to choose and eat quite a bit more non-nutritious food is really interesting,” lead study author Margaret C. Campbell told CBS News.

The study was published online in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

The fallout will be predictable. Michelle Obama’s school lunches will become more draconian. Fox will order another crash diet for Homer. Disney will hang tough with Winnie the Pooh because a skinny bear just looks sickly.

Fat Albert? We won’t be seeing him anyway.