In the recent unceasing political blather, one tidbit stood out.

Chris Wallace, moderator of “Fox News Sunday,” did his first interview with Donald Trump, showed it and then said something unusual to his “expert” panel:

“As I watched that interview and I heard what he had to say … I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States.”

Obviously, a personal opinion, not shared by colleagues at Fox or anybody else in TV news. His bosses couldn’t have liked it; they’re in the tank for Jeb Bush.

If Mr. Trump’s campaign continues its current course, it could be a significant moment … for Mr. Wallace.

A dozen years into his Fox run of hosting a Sunday show, he may come to be considered the heir to the legacy of David Brinkley and Tim Russert. (Screw the Washington elites; Middle America decides such things.)

Few remember, but Mr. Wallace hosted “Meet the Press” on NBC a couple of years in the 1980s and was deemed to have insufficient chops. After Garrick Utley fared no better, Mr. Russert took over in 1991 and reigned until his sudden death in 2008. (He died on a Friday in June while recording promos for Sunday’s show.)

More remember that Mr. Wallace, 68 but looking far younger, is the son of TV legend Mike Wallace, who lived to 93.

The elder Wallace was a radio announcer and raconteur, actor, game show regular, pitchman for Parliament cigarettes and anchor of The CBS Morning News before settling into enduring fame on “60 Minutes.” Even while he did commercials, he did notable documentaries and interviews.

Consider: Father and son have the whole history of network television covered, back to 1949 … 66 years and counting.