Among the 300 million or so active users of Twitter are prominent names who tweet funny things, or at least try.

One of them is “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, still going strong at 68. He has brought a comedic touch to not only that game show but to previous endeavors such as disc jockey, talk show host and TV weatherman.

Some of Pat’s latest:

“97% of practicing mediums agree that communication with the dead is real. #SettledSeance”

“Watched Sunday morning news shows today for first time in years and, just my luck, Brinkley and Russert were off.”

“I embarrassed myself in a discussion with Vanna tonight, confusing the Paleolithic & Neolithic Periods. #Mortified”

@patsajak has more than 80,000 followers, including this orange cat (@mouserkingcat).

Fred Thompson’s brand of humor was more political. [UPDATE: He passed away Nov. 1, days after this was originally posted.]

“NYC reports it’s struggling to keep booming population of stray cats under control. Tough one. Have they tried cat-free zone signs?”

“DNC Chair Schultz: ‘The left is the center of America right now.’ The lesson here: Never go to Debbie to get your tires balanced.”

“L.A. passes new transportation plan to improve traffic patterns. Should be easy enough. Just build more roads headed out of California.”

Fred’s winding career started in law and transitioned to showbiz, where he played a variety of roles, including the D.A. on “Law & Order” and a U.S. senator from Tennessee.

(Did you read that last sentence too fast? Of course, Fred WAS a senator from Tennessee, for eight years, and ran for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. Until his death at age 73, he had the ultimate plum senior citizen job — pitching reverse home mortgages to old folks in commercials.)