Most of the things I write about are so weird that no sane person could have made them up. So today I salute three authors who create fiction: Angela K. Durden, Linda Sands and Joey Ledford.

They write about killers and detectives and evildoers and such. The books to be mentioned are available on

Ladies first, so I start with Angela.

Her new novel, “Whitfield, Nebraska,” is about a private detective’s search for a body of a woman missing for over 35 years. Everybody knows who killed the woman, but to bring her body home – and protect more victims – Benjamin Turner must get inside the mind of an obsessive serial killer and get him to confess. The novel comes with a soundtrack by indie rock band Grown Up Avenger Stuff, which is producing a companion CD.

Next up is Linda, with the mystery “3 Women Walk Into a Bar.” This being a novel, of course they wind up murdered, and it’s up to former male stripper turned private investigator Bill “Free Willy” Tedesco to figure things out.

One reviewer said it had the feel of a Dashiell Hammett work. Hammett, who passed away in 1961, created iconic detective figures Nick and Nora Charles and Sam Spade of black-and-white movie fame.

Joey, a former colleague of my personal assistant, takes on corrupt local cops with his debut work, “Speed Trap.” It’s a story from the 1950s that, unfortunately, could be torn from the headlines of today, with updates to the descriptions of the cars. Corruption at the local level never seems to go out of style.

After marveling at how these authors make up interesting stuff, I am more convinced than ever it’s harder than writing the truth.