Brian Hall, a freelance journalist who contributes tech stories to many publications, ran afoul of the PC police when he wrote on the Forbes website about diversity in Silicon Valley.

Mr. Hall: “Repeat after me: there is no ‘diversity crisis’ in Silicon Valley. None. In fact, there is no crisis at all in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is doing absolutely gangbusters.”

Complaints, some from fellow journalists, came swiftly, because that viewpoint doesn’t fit the media narrative … that is, techies discriminate against women. Within 24 hours, the story disappeared.

But only from the Forbes site. It remains on Mr. Hall’s site, Tech Boo Boo, along with an explanation of how things unfolded.

More from Mr. Hall: “From all over the world, from Brazil and Canada, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Norway, Egypt, follow humans come to Silicon Valley to work, create, succeed. And they do. Silicon Valley is extremely diverse.”

But then he wrote this: “The iPhone wasn’t created because of diversity. Nor was Google. Nor Facebook, or the computer chip, nor the touchscreen. They were created because a small band of super-smart people who worked very hard to create something better than existed before.”


Mr. Hall’s site detailed the fallout: “Many journalists … demanded Forbes and others never hire me again. Because I wrote an opinion that differed from theirs. Cowards.”

I hope Steve Forbes and publisher Rich Karlgaard look into this. But judging from the decline of their print product, not much is being done these days.

My advice to Mr. Hall is to approach journalism as a cat would. We don’t give a damn what any human thinks.

A link to the story somebody at Forbes doesn’t want you to see: