Germany is in an uproar about the number of people arriving daily from points south. Call them refugees or migrants or whatever. The common thread is almost all are Muslims.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has flip-flopped like a boated bass, but she knows one thing: Facebook sucks, yet people use it. So she has asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his help in censoring posts the government feels might stir up trouble. Never mind that the trouble is coming anyway.

When Ms. Merkel asked directly if he was working on it, Zuckerberg got caught saying “yeah” into a live microphone, Bloomberg reported.

This is an established pattern. If a government asks for anything, the boy CEO jumps.

This is the same Facebook that has been caught censoring, both by algorithm and human intervention, posts that don’t meet its standard of political correctness. Sometimes if the criticism of a deity is mild enough, Facebook goes through with the post – but makes sure only the sender can see it, not friends. Then you can wonder why you got no “likes” or comments.

Keep in mind this is a publicly traded company with a richly valued stock that will take a major whack if the overall market dives.

Meanwhile, problems pile up in Germany, where Volkswagen was caught using illegal software in diesel vehicles. It seems that software was geared to help engines pass emissions tests but then spew out loads of pollutants at highway speeds. Tree huggers feel betrayed.

As one Twitter user put it: Volkswagen has besmirched the good name of one of its founding fathers … Adolf Hitler.