It’s again time to hear from Trigger, my equine pal. Remember: Possible neigh-saying ahead.

Since arguments about Confederate flags and monuments will be raging well after I’m out to pasture, I’d like to comment on Richmond, Virginia, where fine horses are depicted in statues along Monument Avenue west of downtown.

My equine colleagues are part of tributes to Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart and Stonewall Jackson. There are also statues of Jefferson Davis, Matthew Fontaine Maury and Arthur Ashe.

I’m pretty sure the frothing anti-Confederate-stuff mob isn’t after Ashe. (But they may think he’s hanging out with a bad crowd.)

Richmond’s mayor, an African-American, says the city should be “building up” rather than “tearing down.” He probably wants this stuff to go away because he has better things to do. Behind closed doors, he’s saying, “Do you realize how much this would cost?”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial board tried to play King Solomon. The board argued that the Lee monument should stay because “it depicts one of America’s greatest generals.” The board decided that the statue of Davis should be torn down because he “left a bitter legacy.”

Translation: Keep the fine Virginia gentlemen on display but throw the Kentucky guy under the bus. After all, he only worked in Richmond.

Nobody knows how this will shake out. Plus, there is the argument that Congress, with various laws, granted Confederate veterans equal legal status as U.S. veterans, so no monument to them can be moved. A lawsuit would be interesting.

Me, I’ve always been fascinated by Civil War re-enactments, which often feature horses.

Will they be told to stop? Or will they switch to live powder?