Apprenticeship programs have never gotten much traction in the U.S. In fact, bringing up “apprentice” is more likely to conjure up an image of Donald Trump firing Mexicans. Or something like that.

As for real apprenticeships, the Department of Labor and Switzerland are partnering to try again, this time with a program based on the Swiss vocational model.

Under the Swiss model, students as young as 15 sign three- or four-year contract with companies to become apprentices. First-year pay is about $800 a month, depending on the trade, and apprentices get raises each year.

Two-thirds of Swiss 16-year-olds start their careers via apprenticeship, which also includes a classroom component.

Back in the day, things were done this way in the U.S. But that system gave way government indoctrination prisons (also known as schools), teachers unions and such. Heck, let somebody learn things and they might think for themselves, like we felines do.

Can’t have that.
The problem at the other end is that many American companies – media outlets especially come to mind — like to exploit unpaid interns.

So this program will fade. You stay classy Switzerland. Here, it will be more of the same.