While I nap, I again turn the blog over to my equine pal Trigger, with the customary trigger warning: He can be a neigh-sayer.

We know Mouser is a dangerous civil libertarian, so his blog is officially monitored by the NSA. That said, sometimes the ACLU’s outcry goes too far.

Such might be the case with PredPol, cloud-based software program some police departments are eating up like a side of fries. As long as grant money is paying.

The creators of PredPol (Orwellian for Predictive Policing) tout its ability to “generate predictions on the places and times that future crimes are most likely to occur.” The software supposedly uses three data points – type of crime, place of crime and time of crime. It claims to compile no data on individuals or groups, eliminating Constitutional concerns.

If that is true (which, Mouser would point out, it may not be) …

Let’s say you go to a strange city and drive around. You run into blight. Every third billboard advertises the state lottery. You stop at a light and an entrepreneur wants to sell you weed. Chances are that is a “downscale” neighborhood.

Then you cross some railroad tracks and run into chain restaurants, the neighborhoods around them full of McMansions. Chances are that is an “upscale” neighborhood, perhaps with less crime than the “downscale” neighborhood. (Weed salesmen are still around, but you have to look harder.)

Cops need software to spot this? They’ll eagerly spend a federal grant, but they wouldn’t waste their body armor money.

So I call horsesh**. Come by the stall for a whiff.