In the endless stream of poll numbers and press conferences and rallies and speculation by TV pundits spewing ignorance, CNN’s Jeremy Alexander dug up some old news.

But it is news you can use. First, some background …

Donald Trump never had much success in the New Jersey casino business. His presence now consists of a single casino bearing his name, because the new owners paid handsomely for the use of it. (He’s suing to get out of the deal; ever imagine The Donald wanting his name OFF something?)

In the late 1990s, Trump wanted to expand his casino operations into Florida, which at the time only allowed Indian bingo parlors. He made a deal with the Seminole Tribe and sized up gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush as a potentially useful friend who might be willing to relax his anti-gambling stance.

Trump held a Bush fundraiser at his swanky tower, paid $50,000 in tribute to Florida’s Republican Party and soon learned he had made another bad decision about casinos. (In his defense, he did step away from Atlantic City before it became a smoking trash can fire.)

Mr. Alexander wraps up the story: “A Bush aide told CNN that Trump did not personally lobby Bush to change the state’s gambling laws.”

Of course, no scandal or blood feud here. But Trump has talked about buying politicians of all stripes, and about expecting them to stay bought. Does he save his best insults for Jeb? (I’m waiting for another dweeby strikeout by Jeb in the CNN debate.)

Final thought on Trump: Some voters figure his popularity could destroy both political parties at the same time, and like that idea. Expect to see new cases of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) on Wednesday night.