I feel sorry for humans with kids in the public schools. The stupidity is suffocating. No wonder SAT scores are at their lowest since the test was overhauled in 2005.

Washington Post reporter/blogger Valerie Strauss noted that the National Assessment of Education Progress, starting in 2017, will collect data on the “grit” of students.

By asking them how determined they are.

Ms. Strauss, who covers education and thus sees plenty of stupid, posed the smart question: “But are they good judges of their own abilities in this regard?”

Land sakes, Grandma, let’s compile some data about gumption, too. Spend some more tax dollars.

Another story in the Post noted that valedictorians in some places no longer come one to a high school. One school in Northern Virginia had 117. One imagines commencement speeches going 24/7 until the following Tuesday.

In other places, the title of valedictorian has been eliminated.

And as you enroll in Prince George’s Community College, the kid with the best grades is going to Brown with the same credentials. A diploma. Like a participation trophy in youth sports, the kind Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison would not let his sons accept. Good for him.