I often disagree with my pals at PETA. But they’ve got a winner for Halloween – a costume depicting legendary Cecil the Lion gnawing on a certain dentist from Minnesota.

It’s elaborate, a fake-blood-spattered white coat with a plush Cecil attacking from behind, biting the left shoulder.

For $139.99, you or your offspring can make a statement. (Other than the fact you spent too much for a costume.)

Naturally, some noses are out of joint. Conservative blogger Rick Moran at the American Thinker called PETA an “anti-human” group and concluded, “What [Dr. Walter] Palmer did was wrong, but claiming that PETA just wants to have a little ‘fun’ by depicting a lion killing him sounds like someone’s sick fantasy.”

At www.costumeish.com, the price of the competing Lion Killer Dentist Halloween Costume has been raised to $139.99 (from $59.99) “due to overwhelming demand.” (The online retailer is donating 15% of proceeds to the African Wildlife Foundation.)

The site brags that its costume “features a severed lion’s head mask, bloody smock, and bloody gloves for a gruesome, complete look.”

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk is OK with that.

She told The Huffington Post’s David Moye by e-mail: “Nasty little people try to make themselves feel good by killing wild animals who are minding their own business, so we at PETA think it most fitting that people make fun of the dentist for his sick, illegal pursuit by fashioning a hideous Halloween costume after him, as they would after Freddy Krueger or Jason.”

Attention, PC types: There it is, written in your bible. Go be offended elsewhere.