The vast universe of TV is overrun with reality series and sports. (Let’s do popcorn, Honey; Akron is playing Central Michigan.)  Marrying the concepts, we get …

“WAGS,” a series on the E! cable network.

WAGS stands for Wives And/or Girlfriends of Sports.

I’d never watch, but Paul Greeley of TVNewsCheck does: “Attractive women who’ve set their sights on wooing professional sports athletes into dating, love, marriage, divorce, and whatever. They’re sexy and attractive and they know it. They scout their men like team owners and coaches do. And then they go for the score.”

So … women like young, in-shape guys who make big money. Got it.

To the other side of the coin: Detroit Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles, a 2012 draftee who signed a four-year deal that has already paid him well over $2 million. He’ll get almost $1.2 million more if he makes the Lions’ roster, but that’s a longshot after two knee surgeries and a torn Achilles’.

Mr. Broyles told ESPN’s Michael Rothstein that he and wife live on $60,000 a year. The rest is invested. “I studied as much as I could. Talked to people wealthier than me, smarter than me. So that definitely helps.”

More importantly, Mr. Broyles saw too many peers making really big money getting sucked into the world of WAGS, big cars, bling … and, after their careers, bankruptcy.

There isn’t a reality show about bankruptcy. Word has it one is being shopped, based on cameras following people about to be thrown out of their homes.

Every time reality TV hits the bottom of the barrel, producers just whip out the drills and keep going.