The political debate droning on since 2000 (or maybe since 1932 or 1876 or even 1800) is starting to kick up interest.

Could it be the two hot candidates? Yes and no.

No, because Bernie Sanders is saying stuff straight out of the populist handbook, and Donald Trump is just being … well, he’s just being himself.

Mostly people are entertained because the pundits’ heads are exploding. Feeling ignored, actual voters are shoving Sanders’ big crowds and Trump’s bigger poll numbers into some smug faces.

Fox News, voice of establishment Republicans, took a shot at Trump in the GOP debate. Armed with high ratings and impressive Q Scores (measuring likability), Brit Hume, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier went into Cleveland to hit a home run.

They struck out, likely diminishing credibility and careers.

Cartoonist and blogger Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame explains what the pundits can’t see.

On the Trump proposal to deport all illegal aliens, Mr. Adams: “If you apply a political filter … it is pure nonsense mixed with evil and flavored with crazy. That’s how the media is reporting it all over the Internet. Just like Trump planned.”

What newspaper and TV hacks need to understand, according to Mr. Adams, is that The Donald is negotiating.

Again, from his blog: “His opening offer is an anchor. … The first offer has no purpose except to create contrast to whatever you eventually agree.”

Sanders’ appeal is bubbling up from the grass roots. That makes those pulling the strings at the top nervous. Their marionettes might be walking off and thinking for themselves.