Stop the presses. There is a daily newspaper editor in America who does not genuflect to the Gods of Political Correctness.

Jeff Ackerman will not abide censorship. He runs the News-Review of Roseburg, Oregon.

Mr. Ackerman writes in a column: “I have developed a recent distaste for pansies … I don’t like whiners or snivelers or ‘poor me’ complainers.”

At his last job, an employee objected to language in a column and had a JEFF ACKERMAN MUST GO bumper sticker printed.

Again, Mr. Ackerman: “A pansy is someone who is probably offended by the term pansy. In fact, someone like that would probably run out and print a … bumper sticker just because I used the word in a column … the pansy that he is.”

Remember, he writes not from Texas but down Interstate 5 from big PC police precincts in Portland, Salem, Eugene and Corvallis.

As Mr. Ackerman and others have found, the PC crowd can never be satisfied. They came out in force when Jerry Seinfeld joked at a college gig about people scrolling through cellphone contacts “like a gay French king.”

Off with his head! (Sorry, Louis XVI, couldn’t resist.)

Mel Brooks’ 1974 movie “Blazing Saddles” was a strong statement ridiculing racism. It was also hilarious. Alas, when it plays on cable TV now, it comes off like a moth-eaten sweater, chunks of great comedy cut to appease the Gods of PC. In his old age, this makes Mel sad.

Carry on, Mr. Ackerman. Let the other newspaper editors snivel.