Somebody found a good way to repurpose the buildings that daily newspapers are fleeing.

A developer in Portland, Maine, came up with a better strategy than waiting for the Crummy Old Building Society to put it on the list of Crummy Stuff We Might Oughta Save.

When the Portland Press Herald fled the Gannett Building in 2010, the property sat idle until developer Jim Brady (Really? Is his nickname “Diamond Jim”?) stepped in and announced plans to turn it into The Press Hotel. It is in the city’s repurposed Old Port District. My personal assistant has been to its equivalent in Seattle, which houses Safeco Field, CenturyLink Field and other neat stuff.

The Press Hotel opened in May. Boutique is the order of the day.

The old city room of the Press Herald has become into the Inkwell Bar. Combining the two would have been considered an economy of scale back in the day.

Artifacts have been preserved, including the giant set of scales used to weigh newsprint. The hallways are adorned with vintage headlines.

Every room has a vintage journalist desk. The windows of rooms are oversized (newspaper building, remember) and can be opened to let in fresh Maine air, in season.

Has anybody remodeled a buggy whip factory yet?