Our jet-setting First Lady will always be remembered for her cute and darling children.

But Michelle Obama will also be remembered for something else. The hungry schoolkids are going to grow up, and right now they are in full revolt against school lunches mandated by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, of which she is the face.

Passed in the name of “healthy eating,” these limited-calorie lunches have strict limits on fat, salt and sugar. They also have school district administrators begging Congress for a way out as losses mount up.

But we all know when federal subsidies are involved, it’s Washington’s way or the highway.

The unappealing food is ending up in the trash. More kids are brown-bagging it or having their helicopter parents take them to the Dairy Queen.

The whole thing brings to mind a Madison Avenue tale from the “Mad Men” era that may or may not be true. (We’re not doing journalism here.)

Supposedly, a producer of dog food commissioned an agency to find out why sales were falling. Marketing, advertising and packaging were scrutinized. After much study, the conclusion: The dogs just didn’t like the food.

Now the kids are saying stick it, Michelle, you nanny-statist. And say hi to Malia and Sasha for us.