I’m taking today off to hiss at my vet. Again, I bring in my handsome chestnut equine friend Trigger with the customary trigger warning: Possible neigh-saying ahead.

Mouser is my friend, but he’s a lazy cat (redundant?) and will never amount to squat on the Internet.

The truth hurts.

More truth that will not appeal to the liberal religion: Matt Drudge is a giant of the Internet. His once-meager newsletter of opinion and gossip has blossomed into The Drudge Report.

Drudge started in Hollywood, where he managed the gift shop at CBS’ Television City. Now he lives in Miami.

He once had radio and television shows, but abandoned them to concentrate on The Drudge Report, which nets north of a mil a year in advertising revenue generated by almost 9 billion hits a year.

Drudge is misunderstood. He is not a reporter, though his site was the first to carry some big scoops, including what became the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He springs into action as an ace newsman if something wanders in through the transom.

Mostly, Drudge is America’s wire editor. He monitors thousands of sites, linking to stories conservatives and libertarians want to read or at least know about. He writes catchy and slanted headlines. When newspapers post stories Drudge highlights, sometimes the servers can’t keep up.

Larry King once called readers of the Drudge Report “idiots.”

To which this humble horse replies: Being old and irrelevant sucks, doesn’t it?