Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s governor and a Republican presidential candidate, talks a good game of fiscal conservatism. He’s always been a Tea Party fave.

But when it comes to pro sports and the extortionists who own the teams, fiscal sanity goes out the window. When the Milwaukee Bucks threatened to move (presumably to Seattle or Las Vegas), Walker quickly caved and backed a bill committing $250,000 in taxpayer money toward a new arena.

In other words, just like every other jock-sniffing politician envisioning himself in a luxury suite sipping a scotch on the rocks. (BTW, is scotch the official drink of pretentious asshats?)

Walker’s argument is that losing the team would cost the state $419 million based on lost tax revenue, and lost this, and lost that, and whatever other voodoo his staff could conjure up.

“All across the nation when they do projects like this, it’s a good deal,” he argued on a Sunday political talk show.

A good deal for whom? Studies have shown it’s NEVER a good deal for the taxpayers.

Whether this hurts Walker’s presidential ambitions remains to be seen. But many voters could imagine other GOP candidates (especially Cruz) standing tall and telling a billionaire beggar to get the hell out of his office.