Social media is full of cute pictures of my fellow cats and despicable dogs and selfies. But what stands out is the outrageous amount of …


Outrage that Theodore Roosevelt hasn’t been blasted off Mount Rushmore. (After all, he shot lions and other big game.)

Outrage that somebody at the Whataburger in Amarillo isn’t making $15 an hour. (Screw those nice people in hospitals who don’t make nearly that much. We’re taking down McDonald’s!)

There is so much silly outrage that sometimes truly outrageous things are lost in the shuffle. That happened in Carson, California, an L.A. suburb, when a lazy Postal Service carrier was caught putting mail in a dumpster.

Not junk mail. Stuff like Costco bills and correspondence from attorneys.

I mean, deliver it tomorrow or the next day or even next Tuesday, but throwing away mail makes me glad Ben Franklin isn’t around to see it. Were he around today, he’d probably say, “Privatize the whole damned thing.”

The solid citizens who fished the mail out of the trash called Fox 11, expressed their outrage on camera and eventually returned it to be delivered. Maybe.

The story was expertly reported (complete with a deserved and highly entertaining L.A.-quality ambush of one of the lazy mail carrier’s bosses) by Fox 11’s Susan Hirasuna.

The Office of the Inspector General told Fox 11 that the case is being investigated and appropriate action will be taken. A good guess: Because of the mail carrier’s union, that action will be a vacation, a BS letter of reprimand, then reinstatement with back pay.

It seems that every day justice gets scarcer. Something to really be outraged about.

A link to Ms. Hirasuna’s story: