Tonight begins a depressing series of debates, presidential primaries, and then the 2016 general election.

Depressing unless you own or run a TV station with a flair for local news.

Local TV revenue is down this year, but no newspaper-type layoffs are coming. Instead, what’s on the way is more than $3.5 billion in overall political spending in 2016, according to a story by Meg James of the Los Angeles Times.

The expert she quotes says two-thirds of that spending goes to TV. The prized ad slots are on the newscasts of the No. 1 news station. In Atlanta, that’s WSB-TV by a wide margin.

The reason is that local news, unlike its national counterpart, is relatively free of partisan political bias. Breathless reporting on shootings, cops-and-robbers, fires and five-mile backups on the Perimeter doesn’t lend itself to such. Criticize the content if you will, but viewership drives it. Stations like WSB deliver consistently and professionally.

Some people are political junkies. Others hate watching TV when every ad is political, usually along the lines of “the other guy sucks.”

Bright side: We’ll hear less about cellphones, auto insurers, new drugs (with dangerous-sounding side effects) and cars we can’t afford.

Downside: If the slot machine turns up Bush vs. Clinton, another furball is on the way.

This one will involve the whole country and be about the size of Des Moines. People have grown tired of the billionaire donor class, political elites and their ass-kissers in the media.

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